MemPy v1.0 is a Python-based software tool for simulating the separation performance of gas separations with spiral wound membranes. It supports a wide variety of types of calculations, including those with variables depending on one or two dimensions, with the Peng-Robinson or ideal gas equation of state, and with a linear or nonlinear description of permeance. The models have been validated by comparing to an experimental system for air separation. As such, the software is useful for process intensification of gas separation with spiral wound membranes.


  • Accurate depiction of modules with transport phenomena modeled in two-dimensions
  • Bench-to-industrial scale simulation: software can accurately model different scales
  • Ideal for research and teaching: user-friendly and built in open-source software

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R. F. DeJaco, K. Loprete, K. Pennisi, S. Majumdar, J. I. Siepmann, P. Daoutidis, H. Murnen, and M. Tsapatsis, "Modeling and simulation of gas separations with spiral‐wound membranes," AlChE Jour. online, e16727 (2020). DOI: 10.1002/aic.16274

Software Contributions Supported by CCS award

Portions of this software were developed using CCS funds.


A simulation software tool to evaluate performance of spiral-wound membrane modules.

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